Petroleum Tank Farm

Our Petroleum Tank Farm consists of twenty nine (29) major above ground on site storage tanks. Surrounded by a reinforced concrete containment wall that exceeds the states requirements containment ensures the protection and safety of handling commodities of this nature.

No.6, No.4 and No.2 Diesel Oil, AviationKerosene and Liquid asphalt allow us to offer our customers a varied product base.

Our tank farm also offers a fuel depot station consisting of a scale house/operations center, fifteen (15) station commercial truck "loading rack" and a truck weigh station permitting tank trucks to be loaded and dispatched in a highly efficient, economical and timely manner.

Listed below are some of the liquid products we handle:

Liquid Asphalt

Diesel Fuel

Aviation Kerosene (Aviation Turbine A-1 & Colonial Grade 54 "JP54")

No. 6 Diesel Oil

No. 4 Diesel Oil

No. 2 Diesel Oil

Bio Fuel

Liquid Asphalt

We store a total of 3,843,000 barrels of two types of asphalt: PG 64.28 and PG 52.28. Having a Waugh asphalt blender located on site allows us to produce various grades of asphalt products as required by our customers. Heated by two (2) American heating re-circulating hot oil heaters, which produce 11.43 mm BTU per hour, these storage tanks are continuously heated to maintain a minimum temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Diesel Fuel

Of the 9,500,000 barrels storage capacity of our liquid petroleum products, 61% or 8,000,000 barrels is Diesel Oil (or Fuel). While this fuel is used primarily as over the road vehicle use, because of its low sulfur content of maximum .05%.

Red Diesel (tax exempt fuel) is also available at our facility, used for off road heavy equipment and engines, as well as state and municipal vehicles.

Aviation Kerosene

We store a total of 25,782,463 barrels of Aviation Kerosene (both A-1 & JP54) Kerosene with its low sulfur content is used in turbine plants, aviation fuel and both commercial and non commercial use.

No. 6 Fuel Oil

Our second largest tank totaling 10 billion gallons stores No. 6 Fuel Oil primarily for industrial use.

No. 4 Fuel Oil

We do not have lots of dedicated storage tank for our No. 4 oil.

No. 2 Fuel Oil

We have more than 4,180,781 barrels of staorage tanks for fuel oil No. 2. This fuel is used primarily for residential and industrial use due to its sulfur content.