About Motiva Ltd Tank Terminal

Motiva Ltd Tank Terminal is an established, fully licensed storage tank terminal operator handling various types of petroleum and also dry and liquid chemical and petroleum coke.

Motiva Ltd Tank Terminal headquarter is situated in Houston.

Motiva Ltd Tank Terminal also has its storage facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands and is a force to reckon with in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry.

Through continued development, Motiva Ltd Tank Terminal has successfully rebuilt and expanded all facets of its bulk transshipment operation in both its dry and liquid divisions. Combining this modern day expansion with our state of the art technology makes Motiva Ltd Tank Terminal one of the most efficient and economical storage tank terminal operators in North America. We follow the same philosophy today as we did upon inception; continuous innovation, creativity, and technological improvements that allows us to create more opportunities for our customers in importing and exporting their petroleum and chemical products.


Motiva Ltd Tank Terminal is centrally located at 402 Scarborough Ln, Houston, TX 77017 .

We provide true intermodal service from our facility via, pipeline, barge, truck and rail.

Motiva Ltd Tank Terminal's location/addess in the Port of Roterdam will be given upon request by our prospective clients.


Our Rotterdam storage tank facility's address/location are known by our customers but due to numerous scam activities currently coming out of the Port of Rotterdam in recent months we've decided not to disclose our Rotterdam storage tank facility's location on our website and will only do so upon request by our prospective storage tank lesse.